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Patagonia, Inc. (2006)

Award Presented at the Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, Minnesota

Patagonia was selected to receive the Lindbergh Foundation's first-ever Corporate Award for Balance for their use of organically produced and recycled materials in their clothing line, and their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint by incorporating energy-efficient lighting and heating systems and recycled building materials at their facilities.

Patagonia uses technology to solve environmental problems, and believes there is a strong connection between protecting the environment and successful business. Patagonia has committed to donate 10% of profits each year to small orgainzatinos working to save or restore habitat, believing that "uphill battles fought by small, dedicated groups of people to save patches of habitat could yield significant results." Later, they increased their giving to 1% of sales, or 10% of profits, whichever was greater.

At Patagonia, success is also measured by the degree to which it can reduce its environmental impact. Their Reno Service Center features energy efficient lighting systems that rely on motion sensors to help conserve electricity. Workstations are heated by radiant heat panels that direct heat only where it is needed. The carpet is 100% recycled polyester, and restroom counter tops are 100% recycled plastic. All wood used is either reclaimed or sustainably harvested. Admittedly, the 171,000 square foot warehouse/office complex cost more to build, but most of the innovations used in the building will pay for themselves withing three to eight years through 30-35% energy savings.

Patagonia realizes that many things we do create pollution. Their mission is to "demonstrate that alternatives to conventional, waste-intensive construction practices and energy generation not only exist, but yield products, structures and lifestyles that are more sustainable and in harmony with our environment."

For more information, go to Patagonia, Inc.

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