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2008 Spectrum of Aviation Hangar Party Photos

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Cirrus Perspective

Spectrum Freedom S-40
Forward Vision EVS 100
Cirrus Perspective
Spectrum Freedom S-40
Forward Vision EVS-100
Golden Wings Museum
BRS Parachute deployed on on Cirrus SR20
Alan Klapmeier
Golden Wings Museum
BRS Parachute deployed on a Cirrus SR20
Alan Klapmeier, Cirrus Design CEO, address the crowd at the "Spectrum of Aviation" Hangar Party. "Aviation has a bright future, but it will come as a result of new technology."
Linden Blue
Patrick Farrell
Larry Williams
Linden Blue, Spectrum Aeronautical, spoke about the technological innovations used in manufacturing airplanes over the years.
Patrick Farrell, Forward Vision, demonstrated his Forward Looking Infrared Radar, now available for every plane, not just business jets.
Larry Williams, BRS, gave some history of parachutes and said, "I feel Mr. and Mrs. Lindbergh would be proud to see the growth of aviation, [and] the innovations of today ...."
John King
Waldos group
Miles O'Brien
Foundation Chairman John King, King Schools, Inc., talks to Knox Bridges during the reception as the crowd begins to gather. (Lars Lindbergh is in the background (far left))
The crowd enjoys a pig roast dinner under a parachute at the Golden Wings Musuem, Blaine, MN.
Miles O'Brien, CNN, was the Master of Ceremonies. "Tonight we are surrounded by the living history of aviation and we've had a nice glimpse of the current state of the art."
Farrell with group
Patrick Farrell, Forward Vision, talks to a group of people about the Forward Looking Infrared Radar installed on his plane.
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