The Lindbergh Foundation Believes that Innovative Science and Technology Hold the Key to Addressing Humanity’s Environmental and Productivity Challenges


Join us for Lindbergh Foundation Day at Sun 'n Fun!


Visit the Lindbergh Foundation Booth in the Green Space.

Tentative Schedule of Events:

Time Event Speaker Location
9 a.m. Lindbergh Foundation  Day Opening Review Larry Williams Pavilion
9:15 a.m. LEAP Announcement Erik Lindbergh Pavilion
10 a.m. Hybrid Aircraft George Bye Green Space
10:30 a.m. Swift Fuel Jon Ziulkowski Green Space
11 a.m. Global Approach to Climate Change
How the Aviation Industry is Tackling the Problem
Pete Bunce Pavilion
Noon Forum on Lindbergh Grant Recipients and the application   
process - Success Stories
Lindbergh Grant Recipients  Green Space
12:30 p.m. G100UL

George Braly

Green Space
1 p.m. Shark Skin, Butterfly Scales & Aerospace Engineering Dr. Amy Lang Forum Tent 1
1:30 p.m. "Alternative Fuel Strategies"
Robert Hackman Forum Tent 1


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