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Dr. Gennaro Maffia

Dr. Gennaro (Jerry) Maffia
Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania

"Using Collagen Fibrils to Economically Recover Ethanol Fuel Produced During Fermentation Processes"

Category: Waste Minimization and Management: 2003

Renewable sources of fuel will be increasingly important in the 21st century as the global availability of fossil fuels decreases, even as demand increases. Ethanol is a renewable resource fuel that is readily obtainable and effective at reducing toxic emissions, however the cost of production makes the price unappealing in the market place. Dr. Maffia will research how collagen fibrils (strands of protein) found in the tissue under the skin of cattle can be used to concentrate and trap the ethanol fuel during the fermentation process, significantly reducing the cost to extract and purify the fuel. If successful, these by-products would no longer enter landfills and instead, would be used to help generate an economically viable and environmentally friendly, addition to the fuel supply.

This Lindbergh/Lloyd grant in waste minimization and management has been made possible by a gift from Maureen Boles Lloyd in loving memory of James Lloyd.


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