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P-51 Flight with Kermit Weeks

Please bid in increments of $100.


Current High Bid:  $1,450 (CS, Calif.)

Kermit and p-51


Ever want to fly in the most famous fighter of all time? Well, here’s your chance.  

Kermit Weeks, owner of the world’s greatest aircraft collection at Fantasy of Flight, halfway up the road to Disney World, has graciously offered to let you and a companion spend a memorable day at Fantasy of Flight viewing his wonderful collection of vintage aircraft and learning from the historical exhibits at his one-of-a-kind attraction . . . and the highlight of the day will be your strapping into the back seat of Kermit’s P-51C, one of only four P-51B/C flying in the world today.  

This beautifully and perfectly restored aircraft is painted in the exact colors of the Tuskegee Airmen who flew these aircraft in WWII.  You’ll long remember the extraordinary roar of the Merlin engine as you accelerate down the Fantasy of Flight airstrip and point the nose into the sky.  

Kermit will fly his daily demo for the crowd watching on the ground.  High-speed passes and low speed flybys and you’ll go out and do a wing over or so north of the field.  After a very memorable ten minutes you’ll return and taxi up to the cheers of the crowd.  Try to be cool as you climb out of the back seat, get your picture taken with Kermit and then answer the inevitable questions from those who only could watch.  

If you’re the lucky winner of this extraordinary day, you’ll need to schedule your date with Kermit right away.


Donor:  Kermit Weeks, Fantasy of Flight Museum

Here's how this unique silent auction works:
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