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Lindbergh Award Nomination Guidelines

In their life encompassing aviation, exploration, conservation, the sciences, and the humanities, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh developed a philosophy that: the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life on Earth is dependent upon the establishment and maintenance of a balance between our advancing technology and our natural environment. The Lindbergh Foundation was established in 1977 to further their vision of such a balance, and the Lindbergh Award program is one of the ways the Foundation pursues this mission. Each year, this award recognizes an individual(s) for significant contributions over many years to a technology/nature balance. It is presented at a special event usually scheduled in May. The Corporate Award or Balance honors corporations or organizations whose business practices demonstrate a commitment to fostering our environment.

Instructions for Nominations:

  1. Complete the nomination form below or Print this PDF (Download Nomination Form).
  2. Provide a 1-2 page executive summary outlining the nominee’s accomplishments and clearly state how these achievements have made significant contributions toward balancing our technological advancement and environmental preservation.
  3. Attach a letter of support from another individual, seconding your nomination. Additional letters of support may be included, if desired.
  4. Attach supplementary material concerning the nominee and his/her/its accomplishments, such as a biographical sketch and/or curriculum vitae, newspaper and magazine articles (no more than 3 articles, please), statements by the nominee, award citations, etc. A separate bibliography of supplementary articles or web-site references also may be included. Material should be submitted on one side of each page only, and should not exceed a total of 20 pages. Nominations not including at least a minimum of supplementary material cannot be considered.
  5. All nominations must be submitted in the English language.
  6. Send your nomination form, executive summary, seconding letter(s), and supplementary materials to:

    The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation,
    2150 Third Avenue North, Suite 310, Anoka, MN 55303-2200.

Nomination Form



Nominee: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Title and Affiliation: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________________________________________________________

State how the life and work of the nominee have made significant contributions to a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation. (If this space is not adequate, please use an additional page; or, if you prefer, your statement may be included as part of the executive summary.)














Nominator: __________________________________________________________________________________

Title & Affiliation: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________________________________________


Signature: _________________________________________________
Date: __________________________

Please return this form, your executive summary, seconding letter(s), and supplementary materials to the Lindbergh Foundation, 2150 Third Avenue North, Suite 310, Anoka, MN 55303-2200. Phone: 763/576-1596.

This form may be copied and used for additional nominations.
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