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GE Aviation (2011)

Award Presented at Sun 'n Fun, Lakeland, FL

Accepted by:  Lorraine A. Bolsinger, President and CEO, GE Aviation Systems LLC



GE Aviation is the Lindbergh Foundation’s fifth recipient of its Corporate Award for Balance, which is presented to a corporation or organization whose concern for and dedication to the environment and improving our quality of life is demonstrated through their business practices.

GE Aviation was chosen to receive the 2011 Corporate Award for Balance because of their technological innovations, which have produced tremendous gains in fuel efficiency.  The Board of Directors felt their dedication to research, which reduces noise as well as emissions from their engines, is exemplary.  The Foundation also believes GE's work is an excellent model for other manufacturers to follow.

Lorraine Bolsinger Bio

For more information about GE Aviation, visit their web site.


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