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To demonstrate how contributions from Associates further the Lindberghs' vision of balance and continue to enrich the world we live in well into the future, consider this message from a grant recipient whose work began in 1982 with a Lindbergh Grant. In her letter Dr. Pamela Parker said, "This program is the direct inheritance from the work supported by the Foundation almost 20 years ago. The articulation of values by the Foundation at that time was the central event in my professional life." It is encouraging to receive letters like this because it serves as living proof that the work we support lives on.

By becoming an Associate of the Lindbergh Foundation, you will help ensure that Lindbergh Grant projects such as Dr. Parker's, the Lindbergh Award, and our many other educational and motivational programs will continue well into the 21st century -- continuing the Lindbergh legacy. These important programs strive to improve the quality of life for present and future generations and are made possible only with the help of our Associates.

Please be assured that your contribution will be received gratefully and used well to continue Charles and Anne's vision of balance by supporting the many activities of the Lindbergh Foundation that you may have read about in this website. We will be glad to welcome you into our family of Associates.

Remember, the Lindbergh Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. This makes your contributions tax-deductible.

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“The human future depends on our ability to combine the knowledge of science with the wisdom of wildness.”
— Charles A. Lindbergh, “The Wisdom of Wildness,” Life, Dec. 22, 1967
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The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation has been fortunate to have had strong support from many Lindbergh Foundation Associates. Their generosity has enabled the Foundation to be productive in our efforts to honor Charles and Anne Lindbergh, and further their shared vision of a balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation.

Here are a few ways you can contribute!

Volunteer to be a Grant Reviewer

Each year, the Lindbergh Grants program benefits immeasurably from the volunteer efforts of both the Balance Review Panel and Technical Review Panel. The Balance Review Panel is made up of members of the Foundation's Board of Directors, Directors Emeriti, past Lindbergh Grant recipients, Foundation staff, and Foundation friends, all of whom are well-versed in the concept of balance as Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh visualized it.

The Technical Review Panel is comprised of knowledgeable and respected individuals drawn from the various fields in which the grants are given and provides evaluations of applications. Their comments and scores are a highly valued source of input in the selection of Lindbergh Grant recipients and Certificate of Merit designees. We are actively recruiting Technical Review Panel members.

You may wish to consider participating as a member of the Technical Review Panel in the fall. Volunteers on this panel evaluate grant applications on their technical merit, and score applications according to our standard criterion.

Volunteer panelists must exhibit a strong background in one or more of the following categories: agriculture; aviation/aerospace; conservation of animal resources; conservation of plant resources; conservation of water resources; general conservation including land, air, energy, etc.; humanities; arts; intercultural communication; exploration; biomedical research; health and population sciences; adaptive technology; and waste minimization and management.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating. Be prepared to send us a copy of your CV as well as one or two paragraphs about why you want to participate and what particular interests you have that are well suited to the Foundation. You are encouraged to look at the Grants section for more information on the grant application and review process, and visit the most current list of volunteer panelists.

(Note: Generally "grant writers" need not apply unless they show a strong background or level of expertise in a particular category as outlined above.)

Attend an Event

We would love to have you join us at a Foundation-sponsored event. Check our Home page and Events and Awards section for the latest news about our events. You may also want to join our fan page on facebook or follow us on twitter to find out more.
“Power over life must be balanced by reverence for life.”
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Apply for a Grant

If you have an idea for a research or educational project that will contribute to a balance between technological advancements and environmental preservation, you may want to apply for a Lindbergh Grant. If not, refer us to a friend who does.

Citizens of all countries are eligible to apply.  Applications must be submitted in the English language.  The Foundation welcomes candidates who may or many not be affiliated with an academic, non-profit or for-profit organization.  Candidates for grants are not required to hold any graduate or post-graduate academic degrees.  The Foundation does not support overhead costs of organizations, tuition, or scholarships.

Browse the Grant Application forms in the Grants section.

Find out more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

Nominate Someone

The Lindbergh Award is used to acknowledge individuals whose work has made a significant contribution toward balancing our technological advancements with the care and protection of our human and natural environments.

Each year since 1978, the Foundation has presented its Lindbergh Award to highly respected individuals in cities around the country. The award recipient is the featured speaker at an annual celebration, which serves as an opportunity to honor the award recipient, communicate a common vision and inspire those in attendance.

If you know someone worthy of this honor, please use the Lindbergh Award Nomination Guidelines and Nomination Form to submit your nomination to the Lindbergh Foundation by December 15 of each year for consideration for future Lindbergh Awards. Visit our Lindbergh Award section for further information.

Members of the Lindbergh Foundation’s Award Selection Committee will consider all nominations and will submit their recommendation to the full board, which makes the final selection. Nominees who are deemed worthy will continue to be considered for future Lindbergh Awards, and need not be re-nominated.

The success of the Lindbergh Award program is dependent upon the great work being done on behalf of balance by individuals from around the world. These people deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments and dedication. We hope you have been inspired to nominate someone worthy of this honor.


David Treinis
Vice Chairman
Board of Directors
Chairman, Award Selection Committee

P.S. The Foundation also gives a Corporate Award for Balance to corporations or organizations whose commitment to the environment and dedication to improving our quality of life is demonstrated through their business practices. Patagonia, Inc., and Google are the first two recipients of this award. You are invited to make nominations by Dec. 15, for this award as well, using the same Nomination form.