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We all know the mid-term elections are just around the corner, but the Lindbergh Foundation needs your vote today

The Lindbergh Foundation is competing against 19 other organizations for one of 5 gifts of $10,000 to be given by Lightspeed Aviation Foundation this fall. The newly created Lightspeed Vote TodayAviation Foundation actively supports aviation growth, education and works of compassion.  The top 5 organizations receiving the most votes by the pilot community will each receive a contribution.  I am personally asking you to join me in voting for the Lindbergh Foundation today! Simply click the VOTE NOW button at to vote.  It’s quick, easy, and could really help a great organization.

If you’d like to know more about the Lindbergh Foundation, read on!
Most people are aware of the numerous contributions Charles Lindbergh made to aviation, but few know that Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh worked at the leading edge of environmental awareness, a result of their ability to observe changes in our surroundings from a perspective previously unavailable to humankind — from the air. In their later years, the Lindberghs passionately supported many technological breakthroughs that improved the quality of life in such varied fields as medicine, education, and agriculture, all while stressing the importance of preserving our environment.
I believe the Lindbergh Foundation’s mission to advocate the balanced use of innovation and technology to benefit all life on Earth is even more relevant today.
For over 30 years, the Foundation has executed this mission by encouraging solutions, acknowledging progress and communicating ideas:

  • We encourage solutions through our Grants Program.  Bright, creative and innovative individuals receive grants to conduct scientific research or educational projects that address a variety of environmental issues, including projects that focus on aviation.  In recent years, the Lindbergh Foundation has funded projects that worked to reduce the drag over aircraft to improve fuel efficiencies, develop electric aircraft, use aircraft to save Koalas while supporting the timber industry, reduce noise pollution, test a direct injection fuel nozzle to accommodate the discontinuation of 100LL, and more!
  • We acknowledge progress through the Lindbergh Awards Program, which recognizes individuals and corporations whose work has made significant contributions to enhancing the quality of life while demonstrating a balance between technology and any environmental impacts.  Among our notable Award recipients are:  Harrison Ford, Jack Pelton, Jim Fowler, Neil Armstrong, Burt Rutan, Dr. Sally Ride, Capt. Eugene Cernan, and Sen. John Glenn.
  • We communicate ideas through educational programs that serve as a conduit for outreach, forums, symposia, publications and social media.  In all educational efforts, the purpose resonates with using technology to better the quality of all life while still being sensitive to environmental issues.

I hope you’ll support the Lindbergh Foundation today.  A simple click can help the Foundation earn $10,000 from the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation.  Please vote today.

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