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Blade Runner: 18-Rotor "Volocopter" Moving from Concept to Prototype

The Lindbergh Foundation's Wulff says the organization's judges felt e-volo had "a greater than 50 percent chance of succeeding, or they wouldn't have given them the innovation award." Asked if she would line up to fly one someday, she says, "I sure would. It looks very compelling to me."

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Can Electric Aircraft Take to the Skies?

Electric aircraft are breaking records and beginning to gain aviation industry interest


Dully whining electric motors may soon compete with roaring turbofans in the sky as battery-powered planes and helicopters take flight.

Aircraft are emerging as the new frontier in electric vehicles as new technology and market demand converge to drive development. More energy-dense batteries, lighter components and more efficient power electronics are making plug-in airplanes a realistic prospect. Talk of taxes on greenhouse gas emissions and more stringent noise regulations have sent engineers looking beyond pistons and turbines.

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