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The Lindbergh Foundation is deeply saddened by the passing of Astronaut Sally Ride on July 23, 2012.  In 1983, Sally Ride established her place in history by becoming the first American woman to blast off our planet and into space.  Having done that, she became a role model for many aspiring young people, particularly young women. Her enduring legacy on the planet has been set, however, by her work, leadership and inspiration as one of the strongest advocates for science, technology, engineering and math.  We have lost an incredible person who will be missed, but her accomplishments and life will continue to serve to motivate many.

It was indeed an honor to recognize Dr. Ride with the Foundation’s first Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award in 2003 for her outstanding achievement, spirit of initiative, and great dedication toward making positive contributions to our world.  


The Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award was created in honor of an extraordinary woman, who was a pioneer, pilot, parent, adventurer and author.  It was presented for the first time to Dr. Sally Ride, an equally extraordinary woman, pioneer, adventurer, and role model. Upon bestowing the Award, Reeve Lindbergh said, “We honor Dr. Ride not only for her outstanding achievements in the past, but also, and perhaps even more significantly, for her tremendously positive ongoing contributions to the future, for our children and for our world.”

Dr. Sally Ride was one of our nation's most beloved educators, scientists, as well as the first American woman to enter outer space.  She will be deeply missed.  


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