North Haven to China - Lindberghs Captivate the World in 1931

Posted by: Kelley Welf

Kelley Welf

Special thanks to Kate Hotchkiss Taylor for contacting us and sharing the link to her article about the Lindberghs in North Haven as they prepared for their historic trip. 

Below is an excerpt from her article:

"An hour and a half before they took off, you could have walked across the Thoroughfare on the rowboats," wrote Ellen Pratt (1906 - 2000) of the day Anne Morrow and Charles Augustus Lindbergh left North Haven on what became the Great Circle Route to the Orient.

That was July 30th, 1931, described by Pratt as “a perfectly beautiful day.” Aviator hero Colonel Lindbergh and his pilot-navigator-radio operator wife Anne had just spent a respite at her family’s summer home surrounded by friends and relatives. The trip originated in Washington, D.C. The flight officially started in New York. For Anne and her fellow islanders, the true beginning of this startling journey was firmly anchored in the Fox Island Thoroughfare between two islands.

Read the rest of this enjoyable story here: