Kings to Present Lindbergh Award to Dr. Forrest Bird

Posted by: Kelley Welf

Kelley Welf

Below is an excerpt from a blog post by John and Martha King.

Forrest Bird is an avid pilot.  He soloed at 14.  He ferried aircraft across the North Atlantic during WWII.  He flew his own Howard Ventura regularly back and forth to Europe. And when the Learjet became available, flew his own Lear to Europe regularly.  Today he has many thousands of hours, a few dozen aircraft, his own airport, and an impressive aviation museum.

Dr. Bird was named a Living Legend of Aviation by the Kiddie Hawk Foundation, and Martha and I were deeply honored when he presented the same award to us this January.

Please join us during Sun ‘n’ Fun at the Lindbergh Foundation award ceremony as Martha and I will be able to return the honor by presenting the Lindbergh certificate and medal to the remarkable Dr. Forrest Bird.

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