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A small sample of steps.

Just posted an update about Dr. Moore on his grant page of the website. This article was already highlighted on the previous Lindbergh site and posted by Kelley Welf.

Steven's project involved engaging students in video technology and using it to study animals in the wild. Solar powered, wireless, cams were setup in the woods. Triggered by motion sensors, live feeds are transmitted over the internet into the classrooms where the kids can study the animals.

A very interesting project... check it out.


RSS plus SMS

Posted by: Michael Winngham

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Michael Winngham

Yahoo! just enabled every blog and news service in the world to update 200 million American mobile consumers instantly. Every feed, from any source online is now a potential mobile alert service, instantly notifying readers, customers and users of any updates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere they happen to be.

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