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2011 Balance Review Panel

Members of the 2011 Balance Review Panel, to which the Lindbergh Foundation is greatly indebted, were:

Mohannad AL-Saghir, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Ohio University-Zanesville, Zanesville, OH

David Atwood, President, Wild Consort, Inc., Chicago, IL

Leslie Barstow, Public/Community Relations Manager, King County International Airport/Boeing Field, Seattle, WA

Dacia Durham, former staff member of the Lindbergh Foundation, Minneapolis, MN

*Ann M. Fallon, Professor of Entomology, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

**Carrie W. Farmer, President, Open Minds, Duxbury, MA

*Fred S. Guthery, Department Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

**Clare Hallward, Chairman of the Board, The Thomas Moore Institute, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

*Joshua Kearns, Research Fellow, Engineering for Developing Communities Program, Department of Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado-Boulder; and Director of Science, Aqueous Solutions, Seattle, WA

**John King, Co-Chairman, King Schools, San Diego, CA

**Martha King, Co-Chairman, King Schools, San Diego, CA

**Kristina Lindbergh, Yorktown Heights, NY

**Lars Lindbergh, Putnam Valley, NY

**Reeve Lindbergh, Writer, St. Johnsbury, VT

**Wendy Lindbergh, Garrison, NY

Elizabeth Lindenberg, Teacher, Arlington, VT

**Gregg E. Maryniak, Director, J.S. McDonnell Planetarium, Vice President, Aerospace Science, St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO

Sandra Neeser, former staff member of the Lindbergh Foundation, Andover, MN

Philip J. Nehl, RPh., Circle Pines, MN

**Shelley L. Nehl, Lindbergh Foundation, Anoka, MN

**Parfit, Michael, Writer and Filmmaker, British Columbia, Canada

**Robert Pearlman, The Maasai Oral Histories Project, Edgartown, MA

**Judith Ann Schiff, Chief Research Archivist, Yale University Library, New Haven, CT

Patricia M. Sharon, Media Specialist/Librarian Sisters of Little Falls, Little Falls, MN

Edward W. Stevenson, M.D., Retired Physician, Birmingham, AL

**Kelley A. Welf, Director of Communications/Lindbergh Foundation, Andover, MN

Kevin White, Minneapolis, MN

**Larry Williams, Chief Executive Officer, BRS Aerospace, Inc., South St. Paul, MN

*   indicates Lindbergh Grant recipient

 **   indicates Lindbergh Foundation Board member, Honorary Board Member, Director Emeritus, or staff

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