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Lindbergh Award

"The human future depends on our ability to combine the knowledge of science with the wisdom of wildness."
-Charles A. Lindbergh, "The Wisdom of Wildness," Life, Dec. 22, 1967

The Lindbergh Award is given annually to individuals whose work over many years has made significant contributions toward the Lindbergh's concept of balancing technology and nature.

In honor of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh's vision of achieving balance between the technological advancements they helped pioneer, and the preservation of the human and natural environments they cherished, the Lindbergh Award is used as a means of acknowledging those whose work has made a significant contribution toward the concept of "balance."

Each year since 1978, the Foundation has presented its Lindbergh Award in cities around the country with significance to Lindbergh history. The award recipient is the featured speaker at the event, generally scheduled in May near the time when Lindbergh started his New York-to-Paris flight, after formally accepting the Lindbergh Award. This event serves as an opportunity to honor the award recipient, communicate a common vision and inspire those in attendance.

Selection Procedure

Nominations for the Lindbergh Award are made by individuals and are reviewed by the Award Committee. To make a nomination, please review our Award Guidelines.

Members of the Lindbergh Foundation's Award Selection Committee will consider all nominations and will submit their recommendation to the full board, which makes the final selection. Their decision is final. Those nominees that are not selected to receive a Lindbergh Award, but are deemed worthy, will continue to be considered for future Lindbergh Awards, and need not be re-nominated. Nominees selected to receive a Lindbergh Award will be notified by telephone or letter.

The success of the Lindbergh Award program and the Lindberghs' legacy are dependent upon the great work being done on behalf of balance by individuals from around the world. These people deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments and dedication. We hope you have been inspired to nominate someone worthy of this honor.

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