The Lindbergh Foundation Believes that Innovative Science and Technology Hold the Key to Addressing Humanity’s Environmental and Productivity Challenges
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Progress through Balance

Creating common conversations and initiatives to benefit aviation . . . and everyone.

The Lindbergh Foundation leads the aviation community to encourage and acknowledge innovation that balances the advances of technology with the needs of the environment. We are interested in initiatives that solve problems and at the same time make life better for all of us. The blended winglets of Aviation Partners Boeing are a great example of this, because they use less fuel, generate less noise, and produce less pollution, while at the same time providing financial benefits to the industry.

Our Aviation Green Alliance brings together corporations, organizations and individuals to facilitate innovations that enhance all aspects of flying while benefiting the planet and our quality of life.  Among other things, our members are concerned about cleaner fuels, noise reduction, fuel efficiency, reduced drag, greater aircraft operating efficiencies, more sustainable buildings and business practices, and reduced contamination of the air and earth.

Our members are also interested in technological breakthroughs – like electric airplane developments, new stronger and lighter materials, novel engine technologies and intelligent avionics and control systems – and how they could dramatically change the future of flying and its ability to serve people and the planet.  That’s why AGA continuously scans for emerging futures that could change the rules of the game – and publishes these new, interesting possibilities in its well received and broadly circulated e-newsletter, AllianceNews.

Every major company and organization that contributes to flying has an environmental or sustainability policy – usually posted on the wall in the entrance lobby. These non-competitive subjects and issues are seldom jointly discussed between businesses, government regulators or industry associations, yet such discussions can benefit all concerned. Our programs and initiatives are making that possible. Sharing best practices and unique solutions between all aviation businesses and other organizations is what we’re all about.

Our vision is to be the thread that weaves together those who make the magic of aviation a reality into a common effort to innovate in ways that benefit both the flying community and everyone else. We make no judgments about hot-button topics that have become political rather than practical. We leave those discussions to others.  AGA is focused on producing unambiguous benefits for our community of aviators and the environment in which we all live.We do it throughout the year with very practical, substantive, value- producing initiatives.

By joining AGA you can become a part of a group of like-minded industry and community leaders who are working together to make the world better while we make aviation better.

There are many benefits from AGA membership.


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Aviation Green Alliance Member Benefits
  1. AGA Member Sustainability Statement – A common statement of commitment to sustainability, developed by AGA members, which can be utilized in both internal and external organizational communications. A powerful commitment of alignment with the basic principles that support sustainability and sensitivity to the environment and establish that a commitment to the ecosystem is a business imperative.
  2. Washington AeroEnvironment Summit – A direct interchange for members only with senior NASA, FAA and EPA executives who have environmental and aviation responsibilities. This takes place in a day-long, small group interchange followed by member brainstorming and sharing of approaches and solutions to common problems and issues.  A unique, safe, neutral space for influential executives to network, exchange best practices, collaborate and innovate.
  3. Aviation Industry Sustainability Standards The establishment of a set of comprehensive sustainability standards, especially for the aviation industry. This will allow you to show your customers, employees, investors and community your tangible level of commitment and accomplishment in implementing integrated approaches to sustainability.
  4. Seedling Grants – Direct introduction to NASA innovation ($150K and $400K) and SBIR grant processes.
  5. Annual Aviation Industry-Environment Survey – A comprehensive survey of aviation industry leaders about current conditions and perspectives related to sustainability and the environment. This survey will provide valuable insights for investment and strategic planning, and will be provided to AGA members at no cost.
  6. Whole-organization Sustainability Templates – Advice and examples of best-of-breed approaches to full-life-cycle considerations in product development and manufacturing.  Practical methods of setting up internal processes that effectively address the environmental and sustainability issues of the whole life of a product.
  7. Special Events – Invitations to special events and symposia at major aviation conventions and trade shows.
  8. Preferential Invitation to Lindbergh Award Celebration – Our premier event, featuring aviation celebrities and industry leaders, where we honor major innovations and innovators with our Lindbergh Awards.
  9. Influencing Grants – The opportunity to have input in the direction of the Lindbergh Foundation grants program for research in projects that balance technology and the environment in the aviation sector.
  10. Alliance Newsletter – The aviation community’s only monthly newsletter which highlights emerging environmental issues and future of aviation opportunities and breakthroughs.
  11. AGA Member Medallion – A bronze, Lindbergh Foundation art-medallion designed by sculptor Don Wiegand, with personalized engraving.
  12. AGA Logo – Use of the AGA logo in advertising, websites, and company communications
  13. Reference on AGA website – Inclusion in membership list on the Lindbergh Foundation’s AGA web page
  14. Press Release Upon Joining – Acknowledgement throughout the aviation community of your membership in the Alliance
  15. Membership Decal – AGA decal that can be affixed to aircraft and other visible locations
  16. Notification of AGA Educational Events – Learn about Lindbergh and AGA forums and seminars throughout the year

Awareness Campaign – Major space ad campaign designed to communicate to the aviation community the significant historical breakthroughs that have made flying far more environmentally friendly.  “We have been doing our part!”

membership categories

The Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the Lindbergh Foundation Aviation Green Investment Program are tax-deductible.

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