The Lindbergh Foundation Believes that Innovative Science and Technology Hold the Key to Addressing Humanity’s Environmental and Productivity Challenges
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HBC Believes AGA will be a Significant Contributor to
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When Hawker Beechcraft Corporation was approached with the idea of becoming a founding member of the Aviation Green Alliance – a Lindbergh Foundation sponsored organization committed to proactively address aviation and environmental challenges – it didn’t take long to realize its advantages.

Whether it’s presenting our company’s accomplishments to the general public, offering resource information within the industry, connecting dreamers to doers, or providing grants to those who might one day change our whole concept of general aviation, HBC believes AGA will be a significant contributor to the future of our industry.

HBC HQHBC has established a reputation as a company with a green initiative. This alliance provides our company with a greater opportunity to advance our own aviation-environmental initiatives through the support of the Lindbergh Foundation and the influence of AGA members. HBC is currently involved with several regulatory committees, whose goal is to reduce or eliminate the current use of Avgas and Jet A.

Our industry is currently exploring solutions for alternative fuels that are more environmentally friendly, meet certification standards and can be widely distributed across the country in the quantities needed.  AGA will provide us with additional resources through its industry connections, knowledge and voice. HBC already is tied into these discussions through industry leaders such as GAMA, IBAC and ICCAIA.

Another major challenge our industry faces is the general public’s lack of awareness and understanding of the benefits that General and Business Aviation provides us.  HBC wants to use the power of the AGA and its ability to communicate with the general public to inform them of the value of non-commercial aviation and the great economic value of the companies involved in general aviation.

Our company also is aware of the critical needs our Kansas-based colleges and universities are facing in in attracting and training qualified young adults in Aviation Technology fields.  Our responsibility begins with presenting reasons for students to be excited about aviation.  Those examples should include new power plant technologies, new fuels, new construction materials and fabrication technologies and state-of-the-art research facilities. AGA again can be utilized to address this need.

The time for a call to action in aviation industry is now, and one of the valued tools HBC will use to address these challenges is the Aviation Green Alliance.

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