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2012 Lindbergh Foundation Application Forms

November 10, 2011

Dear Potential Grant Applicant:

Recently, a decision was made to postpone the 2012 grants program until 2013


the Foundation will not be accepting any new grant applications until March of 2013.

This was not an easy decision, but one that the board deemed necessary until the Foundation can increase its grant funding support. The Board remains fully supportive of the Lindbergh grants program and they are optimistic that with a one-year hiatus, a renewed emphasis on fundraising and the implementation of new programs, that the grants program will be accepting applications again in 2013.

We share your disappointment in this news.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the Foundation office if you have any questions now and then check our website for updates.


Gregg Maryniak
Chairman of Grants Committee
Lindbergh Foundation Board of Directors


If you have an idea for a research or educational project that will contribute to a balance between technology and environmental preservation, you may want to apply for a Lindbergh Grant or refer us to a friend who does.

Citizens of all countries are eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted in the English language. The Foundation welcomes candidates who may or may not be affiliated with an academic, non-profit or for-profit organization. Candidates for grants are not required to hold any graduate or post-graduate academic degrees. The Foundation does not support overhead costs of organizations, tuition, or scholarships.

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We encourage the copying and distribution of this 2012 Lindbergh Grant Application Form.
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