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35th Anniversary Donor Opportunity

To celebrate its 35th anniversary year, the Lindbergh Foundation is pleased to offer our donors and friends a rare opportunity to acquire one of a very limited number of prints signed by Astronaut Neil Armstrong and General James Doolittle.

In 1977, when the Lindbergh Foundation was formed, Neil Armstrong and General James H. Doolittle co-chaired the fundraising committee. As part of that effort, the National Air and Space Museum gave the Foundation a set of numbered, signed prints of each man, made from pencil drawings by the well-known artist Paul Calle. The prints of Neil Armstrong were signed by both Armstrong and Calle; likewise, the prints of Jimmy Doolittle were signed by both Doolittle and Calle. Most of these prints were sold at that time, but the Foundation retained a small collection.

Additionally, the Foundation has a few remaining prints of “Lindbergh Arrives Over Paris” by artist Robert Carlin. These prints, also created 35 years ago to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lindbergh’s flight, are numbered out of a series of 100, and are signed not only by the artist, but by James Doolittle, Neil Armstrong, James Lovell and Alan Shepard.

In May of this year, the Foundation held a special 35th Anniversary Celebration at the Explorers Club in New York. This event included special guests Neil Armstrong, James Lovell and Gene Cernan. All three astronauts have been involved with the Foundation, and all three have supported its efforts. Each in turn spoke about the significance of the vision that Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh promoted throughout their lives – that we must balance technology with the environment to improve the quality of life.

We at the Foundation feel so very fortunate that Neil Armstrong was able to join us for this event, in light of his loss this past summer. In honor of the efforts that Neil Armstrong and James Doolittle made to help the Foundation in its early days, we are now offering some of the few remaining signed prints to our donors and friends.

Suggested Donations for each of the prints:

“Lindbergh Arrives Over Paris” - $15,000
“Astronaut Neil Armstrong” - $10,000
“General James H. Doolittle” - $2,500

For more information, please contact Yolanka Wulff, Executive Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 206-660-8498


click on any of the prints for a larger view (opens pdf)

Lindbergh Arrives Over Paris

Astronaut Neil Armstrong

General James H. Doolittle


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